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Success Stories

The following companies have won the experts over with their growth strategies and been awarded the SEF.High-Potential SME quality label.


The chicken out of peas

There are already various protein-containing products that aim to limit meat consumption and thus support the environment. However, many meat lovers miss the similarity to meat. Planted Foods AG picks up exactly where it left off and creates delicious, natural and sustainable alternatives from plant-based ingredients that hardly differ from conventional meat in terms of enjoyment. By studying the structures of animal meat, Planted’s products can be customised and optimised using plant proteins. This way, everyone can banish the animal from their plate without having to give up beloved dishes.

Sustainable nutrition for the little ones

The right nutrition already plays an important role at an early age. Many foods contain various artificial additives, which are particularly harmful for children. This is exactly where yamo comes in. The company works closely with parents and produces nutritious, age-appropriate and at the same time delicious products. By cold pressing instead of heat sterilisation, vitamins and taste are preserved. In addition, no extra sugar is added to the food. Yamo thus offers 100% natural and organic food for babies up to school-age children.

The platform for secure identities

More and more purchase transactions are taking place completely digitised. This also applies to sensitive transactions such as the conclusion of important contracts. Based on machine learning and computer vision, the team of the ETH spin-off PXL Vision has developed a technology platform for secure identity verification and the creation and management of trusted digital identities. In doing so, the PXL Vision solutions offer the highest security, complete automation and flexible integration models to meet the diverse customer requirements. For users, the verification process is extremely user-friendly and secure at the same time.


The sharing economy has spread to many areas of life in the last decade, replacing the need for material possessions. However, a flexible and personalised alternative to purchasing for car owners has fallen by the wayside. Now Carify, in cooperation with its fleet partners, offers a subscription adapted to individual needs at a fixed monthly price. This enables their customers to make sustainable use of the existing vehicle capacities on the market and to get to know new, sustainable technologies such as electric mobility easily and without any obligations.

The Platform for financial management

High-net-worth individuals and family offices often face the challenge of how to get an overview and transparency of their consolidated assets.They often work with multiple banks, asset managers and advisors managing their complex portfolios of real estate, private equity or collectibles. With its digital wealth platform, Altoo offers its clients a unique user experience with a strong focus on data security according to Swiss standards. This provides wealthy individuals with efficient and secure control over their private assets and all relevant documents.

Platform for playful learning success

The world of work is very different today to how it was 20 years ago, with social, personal and methodological skills (soft skills) now just as important as specialist knowledge. Digital transformation is therefore posing huge challenges for companies. Agility and soft skills are very much in demand, and neither companies nor their employees know how best to meet the constantly growing and changing requirements. There is not the time for regular intensive training. Coorpacademy adapted its learning platform to deal with these specific challenges and thus offer the optimum solution.

Gel for soft lips

Devirex Ltd was founded in 2006 with the primary goal of developing a product that could prevent the emergence of cold sores. Targeting innovation in the healthcare sector, the company soon came up with Lipivir®, a gel that prevents oral herpes. The gel was classified and licensed as a medical product by Health Canada in 2012, and extensive market research has been carried out for the Swiss, German, UK and French markets.

3D innovation for smartphone cameras

Dacuda AG develops 3D scanning software for smartphone cameras. One of its main areas of focus is the development of real-time 2D and 3D algorithms for consumer cameras, in other words any device with a camera function, in order to make 3D content creation as easy as recording a video. Dacuda AG’s 3D division was sold to Magic Leap in 2017. The company is the world’s most advanced augmented reality platform, and the acquisition will enable it to expand its computer vision and deep learning technologies.

Switzerland’s leading practice for small animals

Covering emergencies, routine check-ups and surgical interventions for both large and small pets, the comprehensive expertise of the VetTrust group of veterinary surgeons is unparalleled in Switzerland. Whether it’s a course of worming tablets for your dog, a cat that needs to be sterilised or surgery for your pet, VetTrust is there for you and your pet throughout its entire life from the initial assessment and diagnosis.

Technology for neurological motor disorders

Hocoma AG is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of robotic and sensor-based devices for the treatment of neurological motor disorders. The company aims to develop and manufacture high-quality, safe and user-friendly products that offer benefits for patients and practitioners alike. Its development process builds on current findings from medical research. Hocoma’s products comply with international standards and legislation in the medical sector.

3D imaging for transport

iNovitas AG was established in 2011 as a spin-off from the Geomatics Institute of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. The company specialises in the digitisation and cloud-based processing of 3D images of roads and railways. It has developed a unique system solution that comprises a mobile data mapping system, software components for data processing, and a cloud service. These are combined to produce a customised infra3D service that delivers precise, three-dimensional and high-resolution infrastructure systems direct to the customer’s workplace.

Emergency watch for improved personal safety

Limmex AG is a Swiss company that offers a range of personal safety solutions. The company introduced a world first to the market in 2011 with the launch of the Limmex emergency watch. A new generation of emergency watches followed in 2017. With products tailored to the needs of people who have increased safety requirements, Limmex is helping improve safety and quality of life for this vulnerable group. Every year, the company awards the Limmex Medaille to five extraordinary people aged 65 and over.

Bacteria to fight pancreatic cancer

Redbiotec AG is a biopharmaceutical company that creates unique therapeutic bacteria for unmet patient needs. Its therapeutic focus includes pancreatic cancer and other solid tumours, along with genetic disorders. Collaboration with industry is a key pillar of its strategy. The company was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich and has established itself as a leading provider of virus-like particles for the development of new vaccines against infectious diseases.

New data skills for customers

Softcom is a Swiss IT company – born in the digital age – that specialises in software consulting, development and integration. The company designs and develops web, mobile and portal solutions via fixed-price or agile projects. Softcom provides its customers with brilliant people for short or long-term mandates in a wide range of areas, such as consulting, project management support, data science, business analysis, project management, application architecture and development.

Consultancy for banks and insurance companies

Solution Providers offers high-quality management consultancy for the financial sector. The company, which was established in 1996 and renamed Synpulse Holding Ltd in 2015, offers its national and international customers a broad portfolio of services ranging from strategic advice to technical implementation. It employs more than 140 people across its three locations in Zurich, Hamburg and Singapore and is targeting further expansion in Asia and the USA.

Filter and drier for wood-fired heating systems

Fine dust is an age-old problem when it comes to generating energy in residential buildings. Maximum emission levels are set by law, with non-compliance leading to fines. OekoSolve develops and manufactures fine dust filters for wood-fired heating systems such as open fireplaces and wood burners. Its electrostatic precipitators reduce emissions of fine dust, thereby ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. The fine dust filters are suitable for wood burners and stoves that burn pellets, wood chips and logs.

A more comfortable running shoe

Plagued by chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon, Olivier Bernhard, one of the company’s three founders, began tinkering with a running shoe together with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Experiments with chopped up bits of garden hose ultimately led to the development of their patented CloudTec® technology. Its secret lies in the rubber elements that cushion each landing but then lock firm, guaranteeing an explosive take-off. This visible and easily marketable technology helped On Ltd cause a stir right from the outset and scoop a host of international design prizes and awards.

Rollers with exceptional tolerance

Solothurn-based Typ Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane rollers. Established in 1947, the family firm supplies thousands of rollers to its customers each year. The company manufactures to order – there is no such thing as a standard Typ roller. One of its key USPs is a manufacturing process that works with very small tolerances of around 0.005mm. This has led to the company becoming the market leader in Switzerland. Operational control was transferred successfully to the next generation at the beginning of 2012.

Intelligent software for company formation

The holding company Nexus Ltd, domiciled in Winterthur, has been active since 2006 and has three subsidiaries focusing on company formation, advisory and fiduciary services. The Nexus Group is also the Swiss market leader in online company formation through its subsidiary STARTUPS.CH. The process is largely automated using the software developed by its affiliated company websoft Ltd. The company employs a unique partner system that allows prospective entrepreneurs to significantly reduce their start-up costs.

Innovation for the traditional coffee machine

Back in 2008, a leading Swiss coffee machine manufacturer was planning to relocate and restructure its development department. Making a virtue out of necessity, the development team affected by these plans decided to exploit its existing know-how and continue its successful cooperation together. The result was Eversys Ltd, which launched in 2009 with the vision of creating a fully automated coffee machine that delivers maximum coffee enjoyment. With the development of its Swiss espresso system, Eversys was quickly able to meet the demands of this fiercely competitive market.

Conventional lager that hits the top notes

Winterthur-based brewery Doppelleu produces Anglo-Saxon and Belgian-style beers, which have long been extremely popular in the USA, the UK and Australia. The start-up is committed to modern beers (including those intended to accompany meals or aimed at female drinkers) from independent local production. Its top-fermented brewing process uses the finest aromatic hops, giving the beer a strong but smooth note that makes it fruitier and more aromatic than conventional lagers. Doppelleu merged with Bière du Boxer S.A. in 2017, extending its success story into French-speaking Switzerland.

Secure pharmaceutical container for shipment

The start-up SkyCell, founded in November 2012, is disrupting the logistics industry with its newly developed, almost entirely recyclable generation of containers for fragile pharmaceutical goods. The special new insulation technology features a self-cooling gel and allows the internal temperature of the SkyCell container to be kept at a constant level of +2°C to +8°C for more than 200 hours, in external temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C. The increased net volume efficiency and up to 50% lower weight also creates significant savings in terms of overall costs.

Optimal positioning for radiological examinations

The start-up, founded in 2008 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, is developing a new generation of medical products that allow patients to be optimally positioned during imaging examinations such as CT or MRI scans. The innovative technology uses an inflatable pillow filled with polystyrene balls that is individually adjusted to suit the patient’s anatomy with the aid of a hand pump. This minimises the patient’s ability to move, which improves image quality, reduces the number of repeat scans and thus ensures that the patient is exposed to as little radiation as possible.

Symbiosis of mechanics and water in a watch

HYT brought the two opposing worlds of watches and mechanics together to create a fascinating luxury product. The world’s first hydromechanical watch displays the hours using a fluorescent liquid. HYT attracted a great deal of attention in the industry when it successfully integrated its patented technology into a mechanical watch movement. This striking differentiating feature gave the company a strong position in the fiercely competitive luxury watch market. Its high level of innovation and committed team are promising indicators for a successful future.

Fitness subscription revolution

NonStop Gym SA’s low-cost concept is causing quite a stir in the fitness sector. This is due first and foremost to its extremely cheap subscriptions, which are half the cost of those charged by local competitors. Wholly in keeping with its motto “We believe that fitness should be affordable for everyone and accessible to everyone” and despite the low prices, the fitness company offers unlimited opening times, top-quality facilities, high standards of safety and security, and a separate ladies’ corner. The low prices are made possible by consciously forgoing cost-intensive additional services.

Simple platform for private employers

ServiceHunter AG, a spin-off from ETH Zurich, is the developer and operator of the online platform The platform enables private individuals to employ domestic staff such as cleaners or nannies correctly, quickly and with a minimum of effort. Once the employer has entered their details on the attractive and user-friendly platform, ServiceHunter takes care of all administrative tasks on their behalf. ServiceHunter’s service fulfils the need for a simple and legally correct employment process.

Intelligent search engine software

Zurich-based start-up Nektoon Ltd developed the intelligent enterprise software Squirro. The software uses an intelligent search algorithm to generate valuable results from external and in-house data sources. Rather than performing a standard search based solely on individual key words, Squirro offers a context-sensitive search. Longer texts or documents can be stored as the search context, producing considerably more precise search results. Squirro can be employed in a vast range of applications. Various major companies use the platform to identify risks at an early stage.

Online platform for professional ticketing

The online platform TICKETINO offers a wide range of attractively priced, professional ticketing and guest management services. Since 2008, TICKETINO Ltd has provided its customers with a user-friendly, fully self-service online platform that automates all the business processes associated with event organisation and ticketing. Activation on the platform is quick and easy, with no initial costs for customers. TICKETINO also offers extensive functionality that allows customers to adapt the platform to their specific requirements.

Platform for combining business and compliance

The software developed by Qumram, which was founded in 2010, enables its customers to record every moment of users’ online activity across various media channels, ensuring that they are able to record and archive the behaviour of their users in accordance with applicable legal provisions. Comprehensively recording user data also allows customers to optimise online processes and increase the productivity of online activities through in-depth analysis of the data. The company was acquired by Dynatrace in 2017.

Communication technology for indoor and outdoor environments

Drawing on extensive experience from individual business, ErvoCom developed a train radio system (TRS) based on the TETRA mobile technology. TRS offers similar functionality to the current GSM-R industry standard, but has lower infrastructure costs. Its modular structure also means it can be adapted to specific customer requirements and permits implementation of multiple radio technologies. ErvoCom has successfully penetrated the international market, impressing customers with its clear positioning.

Modern sorting machine for grain kernels

Sorting grain isn’t just a job for Cinderella; it’s also a key stage of the production process in the modern food industry. Sorting machines that remove foreign bodies and sort the individual kernels according to their physical condition are already the norm. QualySense went one step further and designed a new type of sorting machine. As well as the usual sorting parameters, the machine also sorts grain kernels according to biochemical characteristics such as gluten or protein content.

Sophisticated navigation system for medical applications

While navigation systems are already in frequent use in neurosurgery, the innovative technology developed by CAScination now allows surgeons to move around soft, deformable organs, in other words organs that change their shape during a medical intervention. CAScination’s products can be used to treat tumours that in the past were only suitable for palliative care. They also permit minimally invasive, high-precision treatments, meaning that tumours can be ablated with pinpoint accuracy without the need for major surgery.

Electron microscope for research laboratories

Semiconductors play a key role in an increasingly digitalised world. They are used in microprocessors such as those found in computers or mobile phones, and are a key component in photovoltaics (solar cells) and optoelectronics (LEDs). The underlying aim is always to increase efficiency. Thanks to an intelligent combination of electron and optical microscopy, Attolight’s electron microscopes deliver extremely high-resolution and efficient analysis results, allowing killer defects to be detected without damaging chips.

Attractively priced glasses to suit every character

Half of all adults in Switzerland need prescription glasses. They change them on average every three years, making this a lucrative market. Until just a few years ago, however, it was also a highly predictable market that saw very few changes. That was until the start-up VIU arrived on the scene in 2013, shaking up the market with its multi-channel sales model. Its successful formula combines an innovative sales model with stylish design, high quality and attractive prices.

Atomic force microscopes for research and education

Nanotechnology is a constantly growing market that offers huge potential for the future. The microscope market in which Nanosurf AG operates is now impossible to imagine without it. Nanosurf specialises in the development of atomic force microscopes, in which the sample being examined is scanned with a probe on a point-by-point basis (raster scanning). The resulting measurements are then used to create a digital image. The devices are manufactured according to the specific requirements of each customer, setting Nanosurf AG apart from other companies.

Smartphone app for building automation

eSMART develops intelligent systems for building automation. All central building functions, such as heating, lights, blinds and video intercoms, can be controlled centrally via a touchscreen in the living room or the smartphone app. The eSMART screen also shows current energy and water consumption in real time, thus increasing user awareness of energy efficiency. The company, which was spun off from EPFL in 2011, developed a technology that requires no additional wiring and can be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively into existing buildings.

Swiss key safe for sensitive data

The Securosys Hardware Security Model (HSM) protects sensitive data against cyberhacking. It uses cryptographic encryption to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of data and related information in IT systems. The HSM was developed and is manufactured entirely in Switzerland to the strictest security standards, allowing Securosys to consciously capitalise on the independence and confidentiality associated with the “made in Switzerland” label. As an example, banks use HSMs as a means of encrypting their payments.

First platform for digital sales of spirits

Despite the huge popularity of online shopping, the Swiss spirits market is still very traditional and conducted largely offline. Silverbogen is breaking new ground with its e-commerce platform and is a first mover as the sector begins to embrace digitalisation. The platform offers a specialist selection of premium spirits, both as single bottles and as gift sets. It is simple, intuitive and professional, allowing private and business customers alike to purchase their drinks with ease.

Holistic online platform for contact lenses

The products and services offered by existing players in the eyecare market are geared primarily to the sale of prescription glasses. They do not sell enough contact lenses to be able to compete with the prices of online retailers, and therefore devote little time to contact lens advice. This often leads to people choosing the wrong contact lenses and ultimately to low customer satisfaction. Lensvision identified this gap in the market and is transforming itself from a purely online contact lens retailer to a multi-channel provider by teaming up with specialist opticians.

Equipment for rapid medical diagnoses

Abionic won over the SEF.Growth initiative with its awareness of quality and the speed of its abioScope© diagnosis device. The device can be used directly at the point of care and delivers quantitative results for a range of tests that were previously conducted in a laboratory. The accompanying free application (abioGuide) guarantees user-friendly results. This high level of vertical integration along the value chain secures long-term revenues for the company, just like in many other business models such as printer cartridges or coffee capsules.

Platform for greater efficiency in the energy sector

DEPsys brings intelligence to traditional low-voltage grids. Its GridEye platform allows operators to measure, manage and optimise their low-voltage grids, permitting the efficient, decentralised integration of renewable energy sources. The complex, high-tech system comprises an algorithm-based software solution and a plug-and-play hardware box that can be integrated into the existing infrastructure at minimal expense. The key benefit is that the precise network parameters and topology do not need to be specified in advance.

First innovation for a better-sounding guitar

Relish Brothers are behind the first genuine innovation in the electric guitar market for more than 60 years. The new construction method allows string vibrations to be transferred more effectively, and also reduces damping on contact with the player’s body. The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) confirmed the improved acoustic performance in a test. The improved sound has led the guitar world to compare the Relish brand with Rolex and Apple. Its success is helping the company achieve lightning growth, particularly in international markets.

Drone for inspecting industrial facilities

The GFK market research institute estimates that some 100,000 households in Switzerland already own a drone. Many start-ups, including Flyability from French-speaking Switzerland, are targeting this growth market. In contrast to models for private individuals, Flyability designed its drones for use in an industrial environment. One of the drone’s USPs is its spherical carbon-fibre frame. This protects it against collisions and means it can be used to inspect inaccessible, confined and complex spaces.

Full-service management for the global travel market

The niche market for holiday tours and activities is still conducted largely offline and in cash. Palisis AG seized the opportunity presented by digitalisation to create an adaptable, easy-to-integrate system that helps the global travel market manage tours and activities. At its core is a computer reservation system (CRS) and a global distribution system (GDS) to handle ticketing and reservations for tourist attractions and services. The vertical integration in particular offers a major advantage over the competition.

Ankle bracelets for offender rehabilitation

The electronic ankle bracelet developed by Geosatis Ltd offers a cost-effective, space-saving alternative to imprisonment. Offenders can serve their sentences at home while being monitored via a software platform. This approach also helps improve the rehabilitation and integration of offenders into society. The device is tamper-proof, with any attempt to remove it triggering an alarm. Geosatis is the technology leader in this field, thanks not least to the solid structure of its bracelets, which are made from a single piece and are also waterproof.

Staff catering software

Staff canteens are most worthwhile for companies with over 500 employees. However, more than 70% of Swiss companies have a workforce below this figure. The intelligent FELFEL fridge enables even smaller companies to provide fresh, high-quality food for their employees. The menu changes weekly and offers something for all tastes. The associated software, which provides details of the range available at each location at any time, is a priceless source of data for FELFEL.

Selection machine for tiny metal particles

SELFRAG’s fragmentation machine uses high-voltage electrical pulses and shockwaves to break down silicon rods into small parts of relatively equal size almost instantaneously – an impressive demonstration of the company’s revolutionary fragmentation technology. A spin-off from the Ammann Group, the company initially acquired its expertise by developing machines for university laboratories before perfecting it over the years, mastering the challenges of increasing throughput and industrialising the technology.

High-tech software solution for the financial industry

Assets are still managed using the same methods as 25 years ago. A great deal of intervention is required to update these existing methods. If the industry fails to embrace modern technology, investors will be exposed to unnecessarily high risks for low returns. AAAccell combines academic excellence, artificial intelligence and algorithmic power to develop high-tech software solutions for the financial industry that marry conventional financial mathematics with modern possibilities like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Energy meters for measuring energy flows

smart-me offers simple, cost-effective and scalable energy management for buildings or entire sites. The start-up is an independent technology manufacturer and developed the world’s first cloud-connected energy meter. The energy meters measure, monitor and manage energy flows in real time. All energy sources can be integrated into the system. smart-me offers all-round customer solutions that fully leverage its unique combination of hardware and software capability. The devices can be used on a standalone basis or combined to create a metering point system.

Technology for measuring coating thickness

Almost all industrially manufactured products, whether they are automotive components, consumer electronics or even furniture, have a coating. Winterthur Instruments AG joined forces with leading companies in the coating industry to develop the coatmaster technology, which allows coating thickness to be measured at an early stage in the production process. The technology is based on an optical and thermal process that allows coating thickness to be measured in a non-contact, non-destructive way using a high-speed infrared detector.

Thermal sensors for better heat flux measurement

Core body temperature is a key parameter for assessing a person’s health. Information about changes in core body temperature can be used to make statements about the ideal training intensity for athletes, the quality of sleep, stress levels and much more. greenTEG AG develops thermal sensors for heat flux measurement that are used to measure a living being’s core body temperature non-invasively yet very accurately. The company thus offers an attractive range of products for the growth markets of wearables and predictive diagnostics.

Meeting software for efficient working

Meetings are a financial investment for companies. No amount of money can buy a 25-hour day or bring back a lost hour. Managers’ time is precious, yet many CEOs and senior executives spend countless hours in inefficient meetings. The software solution developed by Sherpany promises to resolve this issue. The aim is to revolutionise management meetings and fully utilise their value creation potential. The focus is placed on making decisions, allowing meeting time that was previously wasted to be freed up for work that adds value.

Digital platform for collecting event data

With its free, high-tech ticketing system, Eventfrog is targeting a previously neglected market – small, low-cost events and promoters of simpler events wishing to avoid the high fees charged by other portals. Unlike its competitors, Eventfrog focuses not on generating income from fees but on collecting event data. The aim is to offer segment-specific advertising products for advertisers. Eventfrog is also looking to become a one-stop shop for promoters and event-related services.

Transparent braces for a beautiful smile

Pain and discomfort when eating and frequent trips to the dentist – correcting misaligned teeth with conventional braces is a laborious process. Corrections can take years and are very expensive. bestsmile recognised these problems and offers a simpler, cheaper treatment using braces that are 100% Swiss-made. The start-up produces transparent braces (clear aligners) for adults and sells them directly in its own shops.

Scooters for innovative transport

Stricter CO2 emission limits for cars and fewer public transport options for short journeys make getting around more difficult. On top of this, e-mobility for short distances is a relatively new market. SoFlow, the seller of the first electric scooter approved for use in Switzerland, markets products that make journeys fun. From e-skateboards and e-scooters to e-mobility solutions aimed at boosting efficiency in companies, the start-up offers a wide range of products that appeal to a diverse clientele.

A revolution in the traditional real estate market

Selling real estate is traditionally associated with time-consuming work and high brokerage fees. Marketing real estate has now become much simpler thanks to the advent of digitalisation and online portals, but traditional brokers still charge very high commissions. The justification given for these commissions is that brokers need personal networks in order to find buyers. Neho offers a complete brokerage service for a fixed price, including a digital platform that provides total transparency for sellers.

Platform for playful learning success

The world of work is very different today to how it was 20 years ago, with social, personal and methodological skills (soft skills) now just as important as specialist knowledge. Digital transformation is therefore posing huge challenges for companies. Agility and soft skills are very much in demand, and neither companies nor their employees know how best to meet the constantly growing and changing requirements. There is not the time for regular intensive training. Coorpacademy adapted its learning platform to deal with these specific challenges and thus offer the optimum solution.

Healthy dental implants for maximum benefit

Traditional titanium implants have a number of disadvantages, even in people with very good dental hygiene. Patients can suffer due to the release of bacteria or an intolerance to the titanium. The implants of the future are metal-free, because customers want sustainable, healthy solutions that do not have a detrimental impact on their bodies. And this trend is continuing for dental implants, too. To address this, the start-up Zircon Medical AG developed a patented product made of zirconium dioxide – brand name PatentTM – that is superior to current implant systems in every respect.

Transport management for resource usage

Transporting goods involves a great deal of paperwork and complicated coordination between consignors, hauliers and consignees. In addition, on average one in four lorries in Switzerland runs empty, particularly after making deliveries to French-speaking Switzerland. Pickwings aims to reduce the number of empty runs to 10%, saving more than 400,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. The company offers a cost-effective and reliable transport solution for delivering both general cargo and full and partial loads for private individuals and businesses.

Platform for professional cleaning staff

Batmaid’s user-friendly online platform makes it easy for people to find trustworthy and professional cleaning staff. Private individuals and companies are matched with a suitable cleaner available at the desired time and date using an algorithm developed in house. The process is entirely paperless and cashless – once the booking is made, customers do not have to worry about anything else. Batmaid takes care of the formalities, such as ensuring that cleaners are legally registered and properly insured.

Digital planning to optimise the use of space

Rooms at universities and companies are often overbooked or reserved but then not used, giving rise to bewilderment and consternation in the corridors. Roomz SA recognised this problem and developed wireless plug-and-play room reservation displays to combat it. Roomz uses sensors to determine whether a room is being used effectively and when rooms are most occupied, without violating employee privacy. In this way, the company has been helping its customers manage and use their office space efficiently since it was founded in 2015.

App for cheaper and simpler banking

You incur fees when withdrawing money, and these are even higher if you do so abroad. What’s more, not every bank has an extensive range of online services, and their apps are often slow and complex to navigate. This ties customers to bank opening hours, which are not always compatible with their working day. neon recognised this problem and has revolutionised the banking world. The start-up charges none of the basic fees levied by traditional banks. It offers a secure and user-friendly app and is committed to 100% mobile transactions.

Innovative space-saving wardrobes

All sorts of people wear a uniform at work: nurses, doctors, manufacturing staff and service employees, to name but a few. And these garments often take up a lot of room. In fact, staff cloakrooms can swallow up to a tenth of the usable space, despite each employee using them for an average of just eight minutes per day. This is a highly inefficient use of space, and that’s precisely where Zippsafe AG from Zurich comes in. Its unique staff locker solution uses up to 70% less space than traditional sheet metal lockers.

Innovative pyjamas for healthy sleep

Although functional clothing has developed at a rapid pace in many different areas of life, sleepwear has remained largely unchanged. Yet around 75% of all adults will have difficulty sleeping at least once during their lifetime, with sleep disorders one of the top five self-diagnosed health problems. Dagsmejan is searching for new ways to help us sleep better. The company combines the finest natural fibres with state-of-the-art sleep technology and innovative textile technology to create an entirely new sleep experience.

Four-legged robotic friends for industrial inspections

The regular safety checks and inspection tasks required at large plants are a significant cost factor and potential risk for operators as they are very often still carried out by hand. In particular, inaccessible facilities such as offshore platforms give rise to additional costs and risks, and also threaten the health of employees. The four-legged autonomous ANYmal robot platforms developed by ANYbotics offer a fully automated, more reliable and more cost-effective alternative.