Process and acceptance procedure


Our offers are most beneficial for companies that meet the following characteristics: 

  • Our offers are most beneficial for companies that meet the following characteristics:
  • Documented growth strategy with current business plan
  • Successful market entry and first existing revenues
  • Clear positioning and differentiation in the market
  • Product or service with scaling potential (e.g. no pure consulting business models)
  • Headquarters or main value creation in Switzerland
  • No need for reorganisation or restructuring
  • Companies that can identify with the following characteristics of the SEF.Growth target group can register for a non-binding review of their suitability here:

Select the modules that are exciting for you from our extensive range and let us know what priorities you are currently pursuing with your company. Multiple selections are possible and, if suitable, all modules will be individually tailored to your needs. 


You will receive an automatic confirmation of your non-binding registration and we will contact you within 3 working days and, if necessary, arrange an individual interview to clarify suitability and agree on the next steps depending on the chosen offer modules.

After an individual review of your company‘s suitability, you send us the necessary documents depending on the offer you have chosen.

For our services within the scope of our „Validation“ module, we require a company / investor presentation in which you present your product / service, your organisation and your market environment as well as your key financial figures and the cornerstones of your growth strategy.

For the in-depth module „Strategy Assessment“, which forms the basis for the award of the quality label „SEF.High-Potential SME“, we also require a detailed financial plan from you and you complete a questionnaire provided by us.

We treat all information provided to us confidentially and use it exclusively within the scope of the service agreed with you.


After an initial analysis of your documents we will work with you to identify your ideal entry point into the SEF.Growth initiative.