Since it was first established, the Swiss Economic Forum has promoted entrepreneurial activity through its platforms, initiatives and partnerships and actively supported young enterprises and SME in Switzerland. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, which is why we support Swiss SMEs and young enterprises that are looking to grow. The Swiss Economic Forum launched the SEF4KMU growth initiative (now SEF.Growth) back in 2012 in cooperation with UBS and other partners, with the aim of helping start-ups overcome problems relating to strategic and funding processes in particular.

For almost a decade now, the initiative has been supporting start-ups through tricky phases, providing tailored services to help them achieve growth and success. 2021 marks the start of a new decade and a new name of SEF.Growth for the initiative, which has adapted its programme in line with the specific needs of participating young enterprises and SME. Many of the support programmes available in the marketplace are aimed primarily at the founders of new start-ups, in other words at companies in the first few years of their development, and the services offered by SEF.Growth also include a wide range of measures for such companies in the form of coaching and networking opportunities. Experience has shown, however, that a young enterprise and SMEs prospects of sustained market success over the long term are determined first and foremost at a later stage in its lifecycle. With this in mind, the key elements of the growth initiative have from the outset focused on growth-oriented companies that have already successfully negotiated the first few years of development since their initial foundation and are at the point where they can plot a course for sustainable success and above-average growth.

Recognition through the quality label

SEF.Growth is backed by a host of partners that can offer additional support as required. This support is available free of charge to all innovative start-ups. Particularly promising start-ups and SMEs are awarded the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label, which boosts market presence and acceptance among customers and investors.