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Since 10 years, start-ups gain benefits out of the assessment of their business model and the review of their strategic direction by our experts and partners. Following a great need of start-ups, we continue to develop SEF.Growth into THE growth programme for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Switzerland. We offer you the following options:




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SEF.Growth High Potentials
“We found working with the SEF.Growth team of experts to be a professional, understanding and fruitful experience. The experts asked lots of important questions, which helped us to hone our profile and reflect on our strategy. The journey was the aim in itself, and the label was the cherry on top.”

Sandro Schmid CEO und Gründer AAAccell AG

“The SEF.Growth process included discussions with a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts. We received some highly valuable insights and feedback that confirmed our profitable growth strategy.”

Jean Marc Tassetto CEO und Mitgründer Coorpacademy

“The SEF.Growth programme brought us together with highly qualified people. Expert feedback is immensely important at every stage of a company’s development. The ‘SEF.High-Potential SME’ label makes the process more official and lends the company credibility.”

Michael De Vivo CEO DEPsys

“Thanks to the growth initiative and the feedback from the team of experts, we were able to optimise the organisation of our family business and perfect our corporate strategy, meaning that we are equipped for the future and for growth.”

Patrick Vogt CEO ErvoCom International AG

“Being recognised as an SEF.High-Potential by an independent team of experts vindicated our growth strategy and facilitated access to growth capital.”

David Allemann Gründer On AG

“The ‘SEF.High-Potential SME’ quality label has enabled us to expand our network, massively boosting our recognition and confidence in us as a young enterprise.”

Marc Bolliger Gründer und CEO Pickwings AG

“The quality label ‘SEF.High-Potential SME’ smoothed our access to new investors. We now have an excellent basis for achieving our ambitious growth targets.”

Christian Schaub CEO Redbiotec AG

“The invaluable support from the expert team and the SEF.High-Potential accolade enabled us to very quickly secure debt financing on favourable terms.”

Alexander Curiger CEO Silverbogen AG

“As an SEF.High-Potential, we have benefited from access to a wide network and an enhanced presence in various media channels and at events.”

Richard Ettl CEO Skycell AG

Certified young Enterprises and SMEs, “SEF.Growth High Potentials”

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Attolight AG
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